Gram’s Broccoli Salad- My life is a lie.

Hello all, I’m going to take you on journey with me… I had a moment of inspiration from a few sources this week for today’s post. 1. I needed a side dish for my college homecoming tailgate this weekend (go Pios!) and 2. The Savor podcast did an episode on nostalgia.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- Kitchen Edition!

Hello Lovely Readers! In case you didn’t know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going on right now! If you follow fashion bloggers I’m sure you’ve already been bombarded by posts about the sale, but in case you haven’t seen a post about this yet or can’t stop looking at what people are buying (guilty!) this…

Is this Heaven? No, it’s Oklahoma.

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile Recently I went to Oklahoma to visit my sister, her boyfriend, and my brand new nephew! He was born on Valentine’s Day, and is the sweetest thing on this earth (I’m certainly not biased). While visiting with them, Mike and I decided to take a short day trip out to Pawhuska…

Ah-ha! I have returned from my holiday hiatus!

She livesssss!!! Well, I’ve been alive this whole time, but it seems like I’ve risen from the dead! I feel like November was just yesterday, and poof! It’s January! Like everyone else, my holiday season was a very busy blur. I disappointed myself in not being more on top of Holiday recipes for you guys….