Super Simple Taco Dip

Here’s a super simple party appetizer that’s a cinch to whip up, but one might not think to make it! Mike and I always used to buy a prepared tray from Pick N Save when we would have our movie nights at home. But more often than not, we’ve already got most of these ingredients…

Mostly Homemade Mint Chocolate Brownies!

If you thought mint was just for Christmas time, than my friend you are dearly mistaken! Mint (of just about every variety) is my favorite flavor year-round! I’m calling these mint chocolate brownies mostly homemade, because we will be using a box mix of brownies. This isn’t a recipe you can whip up quick and…

Products I LOVE!

Here are some products that I own and use everyday, along with some books (and a movie) that have helped to inspire me along the way! In addition to some services that I enjoy! Click on the Photos to be take to Amazon!

Buffalo Chicken Dip Cups-Convenient and Delicious!

So to know me is to know my love of Buffalo Chicken. Buffalo Chicken Dip is a STAPLE for me with any event I host or am invited to. For Super Bowl Sunday, I decided to try and different variation of my go-to dip. I was inspired by the individual cups from Real Food By…

Chocolate Mint Cookies

Chocolate and mint, a match made in heaven! They go together like…well chocolate and mint! This cookie is perfect for the holiday season with its minty goodness, but also a great everyday kinda cookie for mint obsessed people like myself. I found this recipe on and I will link it here. Mike and I…

Snickerdoodles: funny name- delicious cookie

Hello everyone! I’ve been gone for a while and I’m sorry! Life has been a little bit crazy for me lately, but I’m trying to get back on the blogging train!! Ok, so today we will be making one of my MOST FAVORITE cookies EVERRRRR! Snickerdoodles! It’s a silly name, but honestly so so yummy….

Ah-ha! I have returned from my holiday hiatus!

She livesssss!!! Well, I’ve been alive this whole time, but it seems like I’ve risen from the dead! I feel like November was just yesterday, and poof! It’s January! Like everyone else, my holiday season was a very busy blur. I disappointed myself in not being more on top of Holiday recipes for you guys….

Banana Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting

I’m calling this bANNAna bread for my sister Anna. She requested this recipe and helped me make it as well! So this one is for my Anna(On-A) Banana! We had fun whipping this up together and it was a breeze to make.

Soft and yummy chocolate chip cookies!

If I had to pick my favorite kind of cookie, it would definitely be chocolate chip. Hands down. Although, I will say that the classic snickerdoodle is a very very close second! Typically I make chocolate chip cookies by opening up a pack bought from the store and away I go. Since I’ve started on…

Applesauce! A classic!

Mike loves homemade applesauce, and his mom’s will always be his standard for perfection. I’m getting pretty close though! Applesauce is not something I enjoy eating, but I like making it for Mike, and it makes the house smell delicious! We recently went apple picking, so I knew I made to get cooking (pun intended)…