Daydreaming about Spring…

For some reason, it’s STILL snowing here in Chicagoland… even though it’s April. Somebody obviously didn’t get the memo. Humph. Days like today make it so easy to daydream about my perfect Spring picnic! Hopefully, if it ever turns into Spring around here, I will be able to go on my picnic! 😊

Let’s set the scene: [wiggles out of focus, and we open on…]

Scene: A park near the water (a lake or pond perhaps) on my hot pink Lilly Pulitzer Picnic blanket

This is a photo I took at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool at Lincoln Park Zoo, maybe this could be the spot? *Dreamy sigh*

Menu: Small ham, cheese, and cream cheese sandwiches on Hawaiian Bread,nothing is more springy/summery to me than Hawaiian Bread for some reason haha!( If you’ve never tried the combination of ham, American cheese, and cream cheese you are missing out!), chips, broccoli salad, icy cold watermelon, lemonade, and cookies for dessert! We could spend the afternoon eating, snacking, and reading by water and just soaking up the perfectness of it all! Hmm, what a day!

[Wiggles back out of focus, back to gray, cold, snowy Chicago] *Lazy sigh* Oh, uh we’re back.. Doesn’t that sounds like fun? Man, I’m ready for this snow to take a hike! Sighhhhhhhh

And… this is my reality.. 

I’ve got a few recipes on the back burner that I’ve been looking to try. I’ve been riding the struggle bus lately because in my head, I’m all geared up for light and fun Spring and Summer foods, but in reality it’s still more like hearty foods weather outside. I’ll start planning for more backyard BBQ recipes here pretty soon, perhaps I can take some of my foods on this picnic!

Let me know what Spring and Summer foods you’ve been looking forward to making! Maybe you all will help to inspire me!

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