Is this Heaven? No, it’s Oklahoma.

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Recently I went to Oklahoma to visit my sister, her boyfriend, and my brand new nephew! He was born on Valentine’s Day, and is the sweetest thing on this earth (I’m certainly not biased). While visiting with them, Mike and I decided to take a short day trip out to Pawhuska to go check out the Mercantile. If you know me at all, you know I love (worship) the Pioneer Woman and love babies. So to me, this entire trip was like I had died and gone to baby and Pioneer Woman heaven!

Mike and I waited around an hour to get a table at the restaurant, and the wait in line went by fairly quick. The food was delicious. I mean DELICIOUS. We ordered the Spinach and Artichoke Dip appetizer, Country Fried Steak plate (which came with mashed potatoes, salad, and bread), the French Dip Sandwich, a side order of the “Fancy Mac and Cheese”, a side order of the Whiskey Glazed Carrots, an iced tea, and a lemonade. We also placed a to-go order for my sister for two orders of the Olive Cheese Bread! Oh! And Mike ordered a Prune Cake for dessert, if you can believe we even had room for dessert! (which we didn’t, we took our entrees to go so we could eat the cake, hehe) But honestly, the icing on the cake was when Mike and I were finishing up our lunch, and as I was glancing around the restaurant, I saw… LADD DRUMMOND. I was starstruck! He was so nice and nice to speak with! I was able to take a picture with him and at that point I was pretty sure I had died and gone to Oklahoma heaven.

Mike and I walked around the Mercantile a bit and then went upstairs to check out the bakery and coffee area. We ordered a half dozen cookies, a small rum cake, and a small chocolate sheet cake, which I’ve made before and but in a different format and linked HERE. My sister was very happy when we got home with the goodies. I also had to do some shopping in the retail area of the store… naturally.. I purchased a copy of Charlie the Ranch Dog for little baby Liam, an Illinois Tea Towel for my sister’s kitchen, and a Drummond Ranch hat for myself.

The food was delicious and very reasonably priced, the drinks were huge, bottomless, delicious, and a freaking QUARTER. I will definitely be making a return trip to the Mercantile, and hopefully the next time I go, I can bring my sister back and the baby as well! It was such a fun trip overall, and meeting Ladd was a great addition to that trip! On the way back to my sister’s house, we stopped by the entrance to the ranch and Mike took a few pictures of me with it.

I would love to be able to stay at the new boarding house they are building, but with only 8 rooms.. I think that’s going to be a very long wait.

Until next time Pawhuska!

I will link the Mercantile’s Website and the Pioneer Woman’s Blog below the photos! So take a peek!

*Internal screeching*

The Mercantile’s Website can be found here:

And Ree’s Blog can be found here:

Extra Fun Baby Bonus! These are some snaps from when he was first born, and a couple more recent ones 🙂

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